MAZDA PG6SA AZ-1 '92 (1/24)

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This is an injection-plastic passenger car kit.

Introduced as a concept car in 1989 at the 28th Tokyo Motor Show, the AZ550 Sports became a huge phenomenon, which led to the 1992 release of the AZ-1. Although a kei car, AZ-1 specs resembled that of a supercar. Along with the Honda BEAT and Suzuki Cappuccino of the same era, the 3 kei cars were referred to as the "ABC Trio" from their initials. It has been over a quarter of a century since its release, but the AZ-1 continues to draw the attention of fans.

This kit replicates the catalogue spec PG6SA model AZ-1 with customizable feature of normal or low height chassis and 3 choices of wheels. The kit also includes seals for masking windows and pre-painted tail lights/signal lights. The gull wing opening/closing feature is not included.