Modern Russian Individual Support Weapons (1/35)

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Scale: 1/35

Modern Russian Individual Support Weapons

Russian individual weapons are the most classic ones in modern wars. Their reliability and low price made them the favourite weapons of soldiers. They’ve got more exposure in the seesaw battles in Syria. No matter it’s in the Middle Eastern deserts or in the Balkan forests, it’s rare to see the precision M16 or the classic FN FAL. But you won’t miss various Russian light weapons, like AK, SKS and all kinds of RPGs.

The latest MENG SPS-048 Modern Russian Individual Support Weapons resin kit contains four RPG launchers, RPG-7, RPG-18, RPG-22 and RPG-26, and corresponding seven rounds with different warheads. This kit also includes a PKM general purpose machine gun. This kit is a good addition to your models and will make your models more eye-catching.