US Army Soldier Uniform Colors

AK Interactive

R 360.00

A new addition to our figure paint range! This set of acrylic paints is designed for brush application, and allows you to paint the most commonly seen uniforms worn by American soldiers during WWII. This set contains six matte paints of extremely high quality, whose coverage and drying abilities will help you to maximise your potential. Our colour formulation is based on original photographs and surviving uniforms.

This set contains:-

  • AK-3071 : M-43 Uniform Green Olive
  • AK-3072 : M-42 Uniform Green Ocher Khaki
  • AK-3073 : Red Brown Leather
  • AK-3074 : US Olive Drab
  • AK-3075 : US Field Drab
  • AK-3076 : Canvas Tone

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