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Weathering Pencil Set - Rust & Streaking : Effects

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Weathering pencils are water-based pencils with 17cm semi-grease paint especially for use in modelling. Specially formulated with the most suitable basic colours to achieve all the effects in a very simple way.

They are very easy to control, clean, and of course, they are not toxic. It is
an ideal tool both for people who want to introduce themselves in modelling
and for more advanced modellers who can discover their properties in
different effects.

We recommend using them on a matt surface to achieve optimal
results, but thanks to their semi-fat tip can be used on other
finishes getting.

With this set, you can achieve any rust effect on any model, mix the different tones to achieve more chromatic richness which gives more realism. Perfect to use in wet, allow the modeller infinite combinations
Sets with five paintings each specially designed with a single purpose, to make life easier for the modeller. You can find everything from rust to chipping colours, this new technique, along with other common techniques, can take your model to another level. Perfect for the beginner or experimented modellers.

Rust & Streaking “Effects set” set contains:-

            Download the "How To" guide here:-