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Airbrush Stencil - Laminated Wooden Propeller Mask (1/32)

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This is a tool used to create "laminations" of contrasting colors in 1/32 scale two-bladed propeller kit model parts with the help of an airbrush. This tool is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and can only be used with internal-mix airbrushes that can be adjusted to spray fine patterns.
The package contains one large fret of stainless steel parts, two screws & nuts and a complete set of instructions.
This tool is supplied flat-packed and requires assembly.
Ideal for the recently-released 1/32 single-engine model kits from Wingnut Wings, Roden, Academy, etc. Please note that this will only work with two-bladed propellers with a length of maximum 92mm from tip to tip.

How To:-
After painting the propeller a dark color, clamp the propeller onto the two prongs at the back of the tool using a hobby clamp or a clothes peg.
For propellers that include the axle, pass the axle through the two prongs at the back of the tool and secure it by attaching the clamp to the axle from behind.