Large Brushes & Tools Holder

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Large Brushes and Tools Holder allows secure storage of brushes, drill bits, files, pincers, pipettes and other modeling tools.

With Brushes and Tools Holder you can safely store all kinds of modeling tools like brushes, drill bits, files, pincers, pipettes etc. perfect to maintain order in the workplace. Has holes of different diameter, which allows storing tools of different sizes, convenient carrying handle and there is also the possibility of hanging the Holder on a wall. Thanks to this compact Brushes and Tools Holder tools are always at your fingertips.  

Additional functionality - the back niche for rulers, large scalpels and other undersized accessories - roller for hangind scisors, wire-cutters.

Hole diameters:-
34 x 10 mm
82 x 8 mm
40 x 3 mm  

Dimensions: 42 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm  

The set consists of perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. For the assembly wood glue will be needed.

The holder does not include accessories and pictures just shows a samples of equipment.