F-16D "Barkeet" (with 600 Gal. fuel tank) (1/48)


R 722.50 R 850.00

Scale : 1/48

F-16D IDF/IAF "Barkeet"

The F-16D was supplied as 24 Block 30 aircraft under the Peace Marble II program and following the cancellation of the IAF Lavi a further 30 Block 40 aircraft under Peace Marble III.  The Brakeet is fitted with the General Electric F110-GE-100 engine, delivering 28,000lbs of thrust which is at least 4000lbs more than the Pratt and Whitney F100-PW-200 fitted to the earlier F-16A Netz and to cope with the extra airflow required by the GE engine the Brakeet is fitted with an enlarged air intake commonly called “big mouth”.

The Brakeet has extensive local modifications incorporated with different avionics fits and a higher gross weight than other F-16Cs totalling 21,770 pounds, at least 4,750 pounds heavier than the standard F-16Cs. This extra weight required changes to the landing gear and the use of new wheels.

All of the unique Israeli antenna and ECM fairings are also supplied to build an accurate Brakeet. 

Kinetic supplies all the pods that can be fitted under the nose of the F-16. The pods included are the following:

  • AAQ-13 LANTIRN Pod
  • 1 x AAQ-14 LANTIRN Pod
  • 1 x AAQ-28 Litening Pod
  • 1 x AAQ-33 Sniper Pod
  • 1 x ALQ-131

The Kinetic kit comes in quite a large box, but it is packed with approximately 450 parts. This list includes:-

  • 2 x 370 gallon wing tanks
  • 1 x 300 gallon centreline tank
  • 2 x 600 gallon wing tanks
  • 2 Shaffir air to air missiles
  • 4 x AIM-120B AMRAAM
  • 4 x AIM-120C AMRAAM
  • 4 x AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles
  • 4 x AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles
  • 2 x AGM-65 Maverick
  • 2 x AGM-119A Penguin
  • 4 x Mk.82
  • 2 x GBU-31 JDAM
  • 4 x GBU-38 JDAM
  • 4 x GBU-12 Paveway II
  • 2 x GBU-24 Paveway III
  • 4 x CBU-87

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