Gaz 233115 SPN SPV "Tiger-M"

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Scale : 1/35

Gaz 233115 SPN SPV "Tiger-M"

The Shining Red Star

In recent years, Russia has been carrying out military expansion. Russian Armed Forces have received various new weapons, including the Russian “Tiger” armoured high-mobility vehicle.
The GAZ 233115 “Tiger-M” SpN SPV is an upgrade version of the GAZ 233014 “Tiger”. It’s mainly provided to Russian special forces. It features a new engine, a new armoured hood, air filter installation, smoke grenade launcher installation and an improved brake system. An “AGS-17” 30mm automatic grenade launcher or a “Pecheneg” 7.62mm machine gun can be installed on the vehicle roof. Now, the “Tiger-M” is mass-produced and supplied to Russian Armed Forces.

Three years ago, the MENG VS-003 Russian Armored High-mobility Vehicle GAZ-233014 STS “Tiger” model kit filled the market gap. That kit has been popular thanks to its delicate design, excellent fit and high-quality accuracy. Now, its upgraded version, the VS-008 Russian GAZ 233115 “Tiger-M” SpN SPV model kit is coming. What features will this new MENG product have?