GOTHA GO 244B-2 (1/48)

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Gotha Go 244B-2

WWII German Transport Aircraft

Difficulties encountered in the use of cargo gliders and a shortage of aircraft to tow them led to the creation of a motorised version of the Go 242, the Go 244 transport aircraft. These medium-sized transport aircraft were converted Gotha Go 242 airframes of various modifications. Aircraft engines were installed in front of the tail beams, fuel tanks were mounted inside the aircraft, and the cockpit was equipped with the necessary equipment and instruments for flight. The aircraft engines were most often powered by trophy French Gnome-Rhone 14M engines. Defensive armament consisted of MG 15 or MG 81Z 7.9 mm machine guns. The Go 244B-2 modification was based on the Go 242B-2 airframe and, like the airframe, featured an original landing gear with oil shock absorbers. The Go 244 was in service with several Luftwaffe transport squadrons based in Greece and other countries. Later, these aircraft were used in flight schools and training centres.