IAI Kfir C2/C7 (1/48)

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Scale: 1/48

IAI Kfir C2/C7

A good number of parts of the original model kit are still packaged with this release, apart from the obvious fuselage. The nomenclature of the lower wing panel is different to the original release, but one observer couldn’t detect any visible differences in shape or surface textures.

AMK also now likes to mould their weapons sets into stackable runners, and these are included, replacing the conventional and traditional style of parts in the original 2013 release.

The kit itself is packed into a box that appears small for the aircraft within, but with a very attractive box-art that focuses on an American machine instead of the typical Israeli. Images on the side of the box let us take a look at the FIVE schemes on offer with this release, and all different from the original 2013 kit.