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Japanese Early Vehicle Camouflage Colors (MENG)

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This set offers six colors that are essential for painting Japanese Army vehicles used in the early period of World War II before the Japanese Army weapon camouflage instructions were given in 1942. These acrylic paints are formulated for both brush and airbrush use, and they are soluble in water.
These acrylic paints are formulated by MENG and AK-Interactive under the most exact parameters. We recommend MENG thinner for use with this product.

This set contains:

  • MC-281 : Japanese Army Dark Yellow
  • MC-282 : Japanese Army Red Brown
  • MC-283 : Japanese Army Dark Brown
  • MC-284 : Japanese Army Dark Green
  • MC-285 : Gun Barrel Khaki Drab
  • MC-286 : Bright Yellow