Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird (1/48)

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The SR-71 A Blackbird is a legendary MACH-3 strategic reconnaissance aircraft that was developed for the CIA. Its design made it practically invisible to radar systems. Scale 1/48. 206 pieces. 68 cm length. For ages 12 and above.

Model kit of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird spy plane with Mach 3 speed, which was developed on behalf of the CIA and was the first aircraft in the world to be invisible to radar. It holds numerous records to this day including the absolute speed and altitude record. Authentic representation of the following versions: - SR-71 Blackbird AF61-7958 & AF61-7955 (High visibility) - SR-71 Blackbird AF61-7958 - U.S. Air Force - 27/28 July 1976 - SR-71 Blackbird AF61-7955 - "Air Force / Lockheed Flight test aircraft" Palmdale Plant 42 / Edwards AFB - 1972 to 1984 - SR-71 Blackbird AF61-7972 & AF61-7967 (Low visibility) - SR-71 Blackbird AF61-7972 - U.S. Air Force - 6 March 1990 - SR-71 Blackbird AF61-7967 "USAF last Flight - Det-2" Edwards AFB - 10 October 1997

Difficulty Level: 5
Number of parts: 206

What's in the Box:
Plastic model kit (non-assembled) Illustraded, multilingual assembly instructions Decal set

Product Dimensions: 68.2x35.3x11.8cm
Box Dimensions: 60x42.5x11.7cm

Recommended Age: 13+