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Modelling Guide: How to Paint with Acrylics

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Nowadays, water-based acrylic paints are the best option to paint our models. Thanks to their ease of use, cleaning, and mixing, water-based acrylics have become the paint of choice for modellers all over the world. Being non-toxic and odourless (unlike lacquers and enamels) they have been favoured by modellers who are forced to share their space with children, pets, and other family members.  They are perfect to be used with the airbrush in enclosed spaces because they produce almost no vapours, dust, or smell whatever. Lacquers have gone out of favour among most modellers for a long time now, due to heavy restrictions in air shipping owing to their toxicity and flammability. Water-based acrylics are the paints of the present and the future, and will likely be the only paints available in model stores soon. 

For these reasons, the AMMO team has produced this complete Acrylics guide containing all the tips and techniques necessary for painting all genre of models, from figures and military vehicles to dioramas and aircraft. The book not only shows how to use the paints, but also explains the proper use of auxiliary acrylic products, how to work with the airbrush, how to apply metallic colours, transparent colours and varnishes, and how to paint a model entirely with brushes. We explore the tools used as well as basic weathering techniques with non-toxic products. 

If you already use AMMO acrylics, this book is the basic guide to get the most out of your paints; if you previously painted with lacquer colors, this comprehensive work will allow you to discover all the advantages and possibilities of this safe, non-toxic product, which will provide you with countless moments of enjoyment practicing your favorite hobby.       

Mig Jiménez

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