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Nano Saw Set

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Nano Saws set (30 t/cm - 76 tpi) 

This is a set of very fine-pitch saws recommended for use on plastic, wood and resin and even some soft metals.

The set includes 6 saw blades:

  • 2 Curved saws - these can  be run along a ruler like a "contour saw" (pictured below). Two sizes are included - the narrower blade can be used to follow curved edges. These saws can also get into very tight and awkward spaces. 
  • 3 Tapered saws - these can follow curved lines and contours. The narrower blade can follow tighter curves. They can also be used as "piercing saws": first drill a hole and then use it as a starting point for the cut. 
  • 1 Straight saw - these can be used for straight cuts.

      The set does not include the knife handle and are made from stainless steel.