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Next Level : Pefection - Taking 1/72 scale to the next level

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    Currently, 1/72 is one of the most popular modelling scales across the globe. There is a huge range of subjects available, and the space and time constraints are minimal when compared to larger scales. Sergey Golikov demonstrates that "Braille" models can reach the level of detailing and realism offered in larger scales. The talented Russian modeller shows how to take these little models to the next level, infusing them with the amount of detail and realism typically found on 1/35 models. This title is an essential read for small-scale enthusiasts and a truly comprehensive guide to assembly, detailing, conversions, and the most realistic painting techniques suited to this scale. With techniques completely new to the modelling scene, this book is ideal for any modeller wishing to improve and raise their skills to a professional standard.

    In the book, you will find ten new 1/72 models by Sergey. A wide range of subjects and variables are covered including climatic and weather conditions and theatres of conflict ranging from North Africa to Northern Europe. Each model included in the book is unique and different from the rest, showing weathering techniques specifically tailored to each subject addressed in the work. Additionally, many of the models have been detailed and customized with scratch-built parts or aftermarket sets. Distinct eras are visited including WWII, modern conflicts, Panzerweffe 46 what-if scenarios, and rusted and abandoned vehicles. This dynamic book truly has something for every modeller. You will also find a gallery of inspiration featuring Sergey´s best works from the past five years.