PBM-5A Mariner USN (1/72)

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12586 1:72 PBM-5A Mariner USN

PBM-5A was a WWII era twin engine American patrol bomber flying boat. It continued to be used into the early Cold War period.

  • Movable & positionable control surfaces (including rudders, ailerons and flaps)
  • Highly detailed engines with 2 cowl flap options (open and closed)
  • Detailed cockpit & opening bomb bays with detailed interior
  • Build with turret armament or un-armed post war version
  • Choice of either 3-blade or 4-blade propellers
  • Fine, recessed panel lines

Decals for two versions:
U.S. Navy PBM-5A, BuNo 59349, ca 1947
U.S. Navy PBM-5A, BuNo 59849, ca 1945