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Real Colors of WWII (AFV)

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To round-up the Real Colors presentation to the modelling community, we thought about preparing a special book.

A limited edition and accurately printed book devoted to the original colours of WWII, authored by experts Jürgen Kiroff, Przemyslaw Skulski, Mike Starmer & Steven Zaloga.

A real journey through the research of official, private and industry archives about the development and use of colours on German, Russian USA and British AFVs. 200 pages full of text, colour photographs, camouflage schemes, profiles, general camouflage rules, etc. A must book for modellers who like to know more about the real thing and THE definitive guide for WWII AFV Colors.


German colours & camouflage.
 RAL system & colour cards. OKH regulations  Pre-war  Early war  Russia  Africa  The Tricolor system  The beginning of the end  The end  Dunkelgelb and Rotbraun colour comparison  Original colour parts and analysis  WWII colour photographs 

Soviet camouflage.
Camouflage of the Red Army vehicles  Description of paints  Original colour parts  WWII colour photographs 

British camouflage.
The colour standards  Pre-war, B.E.F. & Home Forces  New colours & changes  the U.S. supplied vehicles  Middle East Colors: The Caunter Scheme. Other areas  Caunter cancelled  October 1942 & post-Alamein  Tunisia, Sicily & Italy colours  Change of colour  The Far East 

U.S. Army camouflage
Olive Drab  Camouflage paints.  Camouflage manuals  Field camouflage  Camouflage in the Pacific 


Extremely Important:-

The chips that appear in the book, even though they are not painted with paint (which would increase the complexity of the publishing process and make the book prohibitively expensive) are highly controlled and calibrated in the most precise way, under the current parameters of printing and technology, to provide the modeller with the most accurate color chips available. The tolerance of colours in the book is +/- 4%.