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Real Colors of WWII (AIRCRAFT)

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The Real Colors for aircraft models could not be introduced without releasing a special book devoted to this subject. Renowned researchers Maciej Góralczyk, Gerald T. Högl, Jürgen Kiroff, Nicholas Millman and Mikhail V. Orlov teamed up in order to produce the most up-to-date reference book on the aircraft colours of the main WWII adversaries: Germany, United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

The resulting study is a comprehensive guide to the colours and camouflage schemes, presented on over 200 pages and illustrated with several colour profiles, document reprints and dozens of b/w and colour photos, many of which are very rare. Included is the latest information on the Luftwaffe’s late war colours, which have been reproduced as scale colours on the basis of the original paint factory recipes by Gerald T. Högl and Jürgen Kiroff. For the very first time, the unparalleled research on the Soviet Air Force colours done by Mikhail V. Orlov is introduced to the non-Russian readers. Nicholas Millman’s archival research brings us accurate reproduction and description of the colours used by the USAAF, US Navy and RAF/FAA.

This book is a true must-have for anyone with even a slight interest in WWII aircraft colours.


Extremely Important:-

The chips that appear in the book, even though they are not painted with paint (which would increase the complexity of the publishing process and make the book prohibitively expensive) are highly controlled and calibrated in the most precise way, under the current parameters of printing and technology, to provide the modeller with the most accurate color chips available. The tolerance of colours in the book is +/- 4%.