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Red Uniform Colors

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This set is specially formulated for the decoration of figures with uniforms, clothes or garments in any shade of blue. The set is made up of six jars with different tones of blue, so that either individually or mixed together, you can decorate your figures with any blue parts.
Perfect balance between fusion of colors, opacity and intensity. The widest range of special acrylic paints for uniforms and figures of any era. Exclusive formula strictly tested under all conditions by the best modelers. Pigments of the highest quality necessary for the treatment of figures like pieces of art specifications. Resistant to light and with better lasting power for figures to scale once painted.

This set contains:-

  • AK-3126 : Emblem Red
  • AK-3048 : Vermilion Cadmium Red
  • AK-3049 : Intense Red / Scarlet
  • AK-3057 : Light Red
  • AK-3016 : Reddish Black (Cheekbone Glaze)
  • AK-3032 : Orange / Strong Ochre