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Rivet-R Mini rivet tool corner wheels (Set 2)

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Optional "Corner" wheels for the RIVET-R MINI rivet tool.

These are wheels for the Rivet-R MINI tool available HERE

This package contains only the scribing wheels, it is intended as an add-on to the Rivet-R MINI tool and does not include the holder and screw included in the Rivet-R MINI package.

Use this tool to scribe rivets on plastic, resin and even soft metals. This tool makes round imprints rather than the square imprints made by other tools.

The package contains only 2 separate wheels with the following pitch (distance between rivets):
- 0.65mm (~0.025in)
- 0.55mm (~0.02in)

The tool is made entirely from stainless steel.

IMPORTANT: this set is designed for use with one of these items tool sold separately:
Rivet-R MINI tool
Rivet-R MINI extra holder