Grumman S-2E / S-2G Tracker (1/48)


R 900.00 R 1,090.00

Scale : 1/48

Grumman S-2E / S-2G Tracker

The Grumman Tracker, originally designated S2F (hence its nickname, "Stoof"), and later renumbered as the S-2, was the first purpose-designed Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft to enter service with the US Navy. The Tracker commenced operations in 1954, and was retired by the US Navy in 1976, although other countries continued to use the S-2 in front line service for decades.

This is the first time that a Tracker has been available as an injection moulded plastic kit. Until now, the only option has been the expensive Collect-Aire resin kit.

Kinetic's new 1/48 scale Tracker represents the later stretched fuselage version, which saw widespread service with the US Navy as well as Australia, Brazil, Peru, Turkey, Uruguay and Argentina. Canada operated 99 locally built Trackers built to the earlier S-2A specifications..

The kit comprises 173 parts in pale grey-green plastic plus eight parts in clear. Markings for a single Tracker are included. It is nice to see for the first time that the plastic parts are packed into three separate plastic bags, instead of squeezed into a single bag per previous releases.

Markings are supplied for a single Tracker in service with the US Navy's VS-37 on USS Ticonderoga. The wing tip markings are supplied as decals, as is the prominent walkways on the upper wing.

Decals by Cartograf

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