Ammo by Mig Jimenez

Satin Lucky Varnish (60ml)

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The application of varnishes has always been the great challenge to all modelers.

Many of us have found a disastrous end because of using incorrect varnishes with poor quality. And we don't have to forget that the process of varnishing is very important when we make models.

For the first time, AMMO offers a complete and new varnish range that will allow the modeler to achieve success at any project. For these new varnishes, we have developed new formulas over several years until being 100% sure that the modeler will always win the varnish game. Do not take any chances! Trust in the winning combination of the new LUCKY VARNISH. Only thus, the modeler can be sure that the result of his model will not depend on the randomness of any varnish. You can complete your collection to cover all the modeling areas, from aircraft finishes, civilian vehicles, tanks, robots or with the fabulous medium mate for figures.