Shigeo Koike

Shigeo Koike ART PRINT: Westland Whirlwind Fighter

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This is an aircraft art print.

Its limited contribution to WWII aside, the Whirlwind is a great looking plane.  Says Koike, "I like every aircraft that [W.E.W.] Petter ever designed.  Not a one is formulaic; they all have very appealing forms.  The Westland Whirlwind is a plane I wanted to draw for a long time."  His tribute to this heavily armed fighter-bomber shows a plane from 263 Squadron, one of just two units to actually fly the Whirlwind.  If only those Peregrine engines had been better...

This print is reproduced on heavy art board just like the original, and sized identical to the original, measuring 400mm x 315mm (15.75 x 12.4 inches). It's offset printed, and the color reproduction has been approved by Koike himself.  The art board measures 625mm x 453mm (24.6 x 17.83), giving you the freedom to have it framed as you would like. Each print is packed in a special sleeve inside a sturdy cardboard shipping box designed especially to prevent bending during shipping