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Soviet Aircraft Colors (1950-1970)

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Soviet Aircraft Colors, is a special set to paint Soviet aircrafts between years 1950-1970 and many other later variants. It contains 4 acrylic colors and 2 Xtreme Metal paints. Amongst them the special color turquoise for the cockpits. AK paints have been developed under a very strict quality test to achieve the most precise color, with high resistance and ease of use.

This set contains:-

  • AK-2301 : Cockpit Turquoise
  • AK-2302 : Radome Green
  • AK-2303 : Interior Green
  • AK-2304 : Cockpit Grey
  • AK-479  : Xtreme Metal Aluminium
  • AK-480  : Xtreme Metal Dark Aluminium