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Straight Tweezers

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The straight tweezers for precision tasks make life easier for any work involving small parts. Thanks to its morphology, this fantastic tool for modeling and other crafts allows the modeler and other lovers of manual challenges to reach the most remote places to be able to take or install a small part in its exclusive place.

The tweezers for modeling and crafts are 4.64’’ (118 mm) length, which will also help you reach difficult spots on your scale models or other creations. As it is also made of metal of high quality standards, the straight tweezers for precision tasks are very durable and resistant, thus comlying with the demands of our modeling friends.


Artesania Latina's straight fastening tweezers for modeling and crafts will make the process of building scale models made of wood, plastic or metal easier. You will getnew functionalities when you build any scale model, expanding your skills with modeling tools.

The straight tweezers is conceived for the most difficult challenges of modelers or lovers of other crafts, when you cannot reach a nook and cannot place or remove a tiny part, this is the modeling tool that will save your project at the moment. Thus, you will add new techniques in construction and advance on the practice of modeling