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Su-27UB Flanker C (1/48)

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It's been 10 years since Great Wall Hobby launched an aircraft model.
-As a commemorative kit, the Su-27 Flanker double-seat Su-27UB Flanker C will be released with a completely new mold.

-Great Wall Hobby 1/48 scale plastic model
-Thoroughly reproduce the details of each part by research into details.
-In addition to the larger vertical tail, the parts unique to the double-seat type have been diversified into parts.
-Main wings can be manufactured with the leading edge slats, flaps, and horizontal stabilizer down.
-2 types can be selected for the front yard, leg cover, and tail boom that differ depending on the actual production time.
-For the canopy (canopy) part, you can choose either one-piece molding or parts that separate the transparent part and the frame part.

-R-27ER, R-37E missile x 4 each, R-27ET missile x 2, B-8M rocket launcher x 4, L-005 ECM pod x 2 included.
-Soviet Air Force x 1, Russian Navy Air Force x 2, Ukrainian Air Force x 1, Chinese Air Force x 1 A total of 5 types of decal markings are included.
-First time limited: Metal Pitot tube included
-1 set