Tamiya Chipping Liquid (40ml)

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[Perfect for realistic damage expressions] This material is used for "chipping", a technique used in military models, etc., to express the state where the car body color has peeled off and the underlying color is visible. After applying a base coat with lacquer-based paint, apply chipping liquid using a brush or airbrush, and then top coat with acrylic paint. If you apply water to the area you want to chip and leave it for a few minutes, you will be able to easily remove the top coat of acrylic paint with a toothpick. Since the paint is actually removed, it is possible to create realistic damage that is a little different from scratches drawn with a brush.

[Basic specifications] Comes in a 40ml square bottle. Safe water-based type. * Lacquer paint (LP, TS, AS, surfacer) is used for the base color (glossy, metallic colors are not allowed *matte metallic colors are allowed). Please use acrylic paint for topcoat.

Please check these precautions before use.
■The way the chipping liquid is applied and the amount of time that has elapsed since the top coat is applied will change the way it peels off. Test it in advance to get a feel for it.
■Please refrain from masking as the top coat will peel off.
■Clean the equipment with water.