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The Weathering Aircraft : Issue 09 - Desert Eagles

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The Weathering Aircraft, your favourite publication focused on the best techniques for painting and ageing aircraft, presents its ninth issue. This time we will focus on how to paint wear and imitate the effects produced by the desert climate on subjects from different eras, and even on a different planet. The harsh conditions that occur in these environments determine the realistic finishes that our models must have. For this task, we will learn different techniques that will imitate discolouration, chipping, ever-present dust and accumulations of dirt. In this issue we will learn how to use all kinds of products: filters, washes, natural effects, pigments, chipping products ... and the step by step processes used to achieve the most realistic result for desert vehicles and scenarios. As always, we bring you the most innovative ideas from the world’s best collaborators, each sharing the tips and tricks used to accurately represent aircraft operating in the relentlessly harsh conditions of the desert.