Triple-Action Handle

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The Triple-Action Handle invented by Gentry Riley.

Click here for the article, “The Triple-Action Kit” by Rob Churchill featured in Airbrush Action, Jan-Feb 2015 Issue.

The Triple-Action Handle gives you instant access to the needle for fast full flushing and quick replacement or cleaning. The unique pre-set handle actually holds the needle back from the nozzle instead of limiting trigger movement, allowing for more consistent spray time after time. An added bonus to the Triple-Action Handle is that it has a threaded needle knob on the rear of the handle to store your needle cap! The Triple-Action Handle gives you one effective solution to your airbrush cleaning process.

The Triple-Action Handle Fits These Iwata Airbrushes:
• Hi-Line Series
• HP-C and HP-BC
• HP-C Plus and HP-BC Plus
• Eclipse CS, BCS, and BS
• Revolution BCR and CR
• Kustom CH and CS

image Click here to download the Triple Action Handle Assembly Instructions in pdf format.