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Saw Blade - Ultra Fine

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Ultra-fine saw blade (48 t/cm - 120 tpi) 

This is a very fine saw blade and is recommended especially for the finest model-related cuts. This blade can be used to cut plastic, wood and resin. The blade is paper thin and the teeth are so fine that they require magnification to be seen (but they are there neveretheless). Ideal for separating clear parts, especially vacuum-formed clear parts. This saw was also successfully tested on soft sheet metal such as brass, copper and aluminium.

This saw is inspired by the Japanese Ryoba traditional saws that have teeth on both edges of the blade with the teeth handed, respectively "pull cut" on one side and "push cut" on the other side. The direction of the cut is indicated by an arrow etched into the blade.

      The set does not include the knife handle or holder and is made from stainless steel.