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Vickers VC10 K2 Camouflaged (1/72)

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This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

Mach 2 brings us their Vickers VC10 K2 Camouflaged kit. The VC10 is a long-distance jet passenger aircraft developed and produced by British aircraft manufacturer Vickers. The British Air Force developed a transport and aerial refueling aircraft based on this plane, calling it the VC10 K2. In 1957, British Overseas Aviation (BOAC) consulted with several British aircraft manufacturers to develop a passenger jet for the Middle-East Empire (MRE) route to South Asia and Africa, and the Vickers VC10 was adopted. This machine uses a rear jet system in which the engine is arranged at the rear of the fuselage instead of the main wing, and the main wing is equipped with a powerful high-lift device, with STOL characteristics that enable takeoff and landing on short runways. The aircraft first flew in 1962, and entered service on the London-Lagos route of the BOAC in 1964. By the end of production in 1971, 54 aircraft had been produced. Although British Airways ended their use of this aircraft in 1981, the British Air Force operated it as an aerial refueling aircraft until 2013.

This kit will be approximately 67.2cm long with a wingspan of 61.9cm when completed. Typical Mach One quality.