WW2 RAF Pilots in Tropical Uniforms (1/48)

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RAF Pilots in Tropical Uniforms


On the eve of the Second World War, the Royal Air Force was organizationally divided into Nome Command and Overseas Command. The Overseas Command, in turn, included the Air Forces of the Middle East, Palestine, Transjordan, Iraq, Aden, the Mediterranean, India, the Far East, as well as wings in Egypt and Sudan. The hot climate zones required a uniform adapted to the climate, which was light khaki in colour. Also, during combat operations in the desert, pilots and ground staff wore a combination of khaki and the traditional RAF grey and blue. Service in hot climates was difficult: heat, sandstorms, and problems with clean water made living conditions much more difficult. However, even in such difficult conditions, the British pilots performed their service selflessly. In heavy fighter battles in the air and dedicated torpedo attacks at sea, the RAF pilots proved their qualifications as resilient, disciplined and experienced fighters.